Case studies

productivity improved by 235% 
Cycle time by 40%

Skiller Whale sessions are so obviously linked to the team’s day-to-day work and so engaging because of the format. It’s much more participatory and just generally a much better experience for people

—Meri Williams,
CTO, Pleo
200-person engineering team coached by Skiller Whale in REST API Design across 12 sessions after moving to an API first model.
Throughput improved by 40% over the coaching period.
Cycle time improved by 15% 
Time to First Review improved by 30%
After Skiller Whale
Based on survey with 40% response rate. In each of the above categories, we are reporting the percentage of learners who scored themselves as 7 or more out of 10 before and then after Skiller Whale coaching.

Re-platforming in React.js

The coaching plan they produced was exactly what my team needed

—Reuben Sutton,
Head of Engineering
Features are now built 4x faster
Codebase quality improved and tech debt reduced
Delivery time reduced by more than 75%
10x Financial savings

Mastering the advanced aspects of Postgres

We’ve definitely seen pretty much everything we had hoped to achieve, which was everyone getting to the same level

—Nick Rogers,
Senior Director

Impact After Training, Assessed by Learners


Going Mobile with React Native

Their assessment at the start is something I was sceptical of to begin with but I would really like it as a standalone product as I now see the value of them assessing everyone to a consistent standard.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Skiller Whale as a training partner - it's a genuine step forward in the classroom experience.

-Jonathan Lister Parsons,

Average learner evaluation by question

Trainer subject-matter knowledge evaluation