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Step 1

Granular skill gap analysis

Step 2

Personalised coaching plans

Step 3

Live, hands-on 1-hr sessions with an expert

Step 4

Measure impact


We start by assessing the team — building a detailed skill fingerprint of each person, and identifying any skill gaps.
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Step 2: Personalised coaching Plans

Each team member gets a personalised coaching plan. We build this by looking at the intersection of the skill gaps identified, and your priorities.
This ensures they don’t waste time learning things they already know, or things that you don't care about.
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Step 3: Live, 1-hour, Hands-on Sessions

Sessions are led by experts and are run in small groups. Learners join directly from their calendar, with no scheduling admin for you.
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Step 4: Measure Impact

We measure the impact of coaching through learner feedback, manager feedback and code metrics. See our case study on 4x increased cycle time as a result of our coaching.
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