Pleo Case Study

Throughput improved by 235%

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Global Fintech firm Pleo has boosted productivity by 235% after investing in API coaching with Skiller Whale.

The engineering team is more productive, collaborative and working with more confidence. Pleo’s CTO found that throughput improved by 235% as a result of Skiller Whale coaching.

Cycle time has also improved by 40%, and time to first review has improved by 30%.
Throughput now improved by 235%
Cycle time improved by 40%
Time to first review improved by 30%
98% of the team appreciated the coaching as a benefit and an investment in them


After Skiller Whale
Based on survey with 40% response rate. In each of the above categories, we are reporting the percentage of learners who scored themselves as 7 or more out of 10 before and then after Skiller Whale coaching.
It’s hugely more engaging than traditional training tends to be


Through working with Skiller Whale, Pleo were able to quickly transform the capabilities of their team and achieve the ambitious tech strategy set out by the CTO.