How Skiller Whale helps

Live, hands-on sessions with an expert will give your team understanding of the nuances of a new technology, and enable them to write idiomatic and efficient code. Making your frontend developers comfortable writing backend code like a backend developer (and vice versa) will reduce friction, and result in more ownership of features, quicker progress, and a team that is much more versatile. Without this, you’ll risk ending up with e.g. Go written like JavaScript and TypeScript written like Haskell.

In 6-12 1-hour sessions Skiller Whale expects to impact these metrics within

3-6 months

# hand-offs

Deploy frequency

Cycle time

If the team is hiring / outsourcing, depending on the profile of candidate(s), we would expect to impact the following metrics within

3-9 months

Developer eNPS

Spend on hiring

Developer retention