How Skiller Whale helps

Typically, junior developers learn the most from pairing 1:1 with more expert teammates or through thorough code review. Both of these are very time intensive for your more valuable team members. By deeply learning and understanding the general skills they need from Skiller Whale’s expert coaches, more of your experts’ time is freed up to share domain-specific knowledge and build things.

In 6-12 1-hour sessions Skiller Whale expects to impact these metrics within

3-6 months

# iterations during code review

% of seniors’ time spent reviewing

% of senior’s time spent pairing

As a second order effect, we expect to impact the following metrics within

4-8 months

% PRs reverted

Cycle time

% time spent bug fixing

If the team is hiring / outsourcing, depending on the profile of candidate(s), we would expect to impact the following metrics within

3-9 months

Spend on hiring / outsourcing

Developer eNPS

Developer retention